Who’s On My Wifi

Who’s On My Wifi 3.0

It alerts you if unauthorized users are connected to your wireless network
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Who Is On My WiFi alerts you if unauthorized users are connected to your wireless network. It is a free scanning tool that analyses your network to detect connected devices; the paid version of the program offers the possibility of removing and blocking unwanted users, but unfortunately this feature is not enabled in this version.

To get started, the first step is to configure the program and to help with this, there is a wizard guides you throughout the process. After a first scan, the program shows a list of all the connected devices on a grid so that you can mark the 'known' computers. Besides the computers names and IP/MAC addresses, the program displays details like manufacturer, last connection date, a brief description, etc., which could be helpful for identifying your own devices.

Who Is On My WiFi stays in the system tray monitoring your network and if a non-recognized device connects to your WiFi, a voice notification alerts you about it right away. Although its interface is not very polished, it is clean and its options are easily accessible. From the Settings dialog you can adjust the scan intervals as well as the IP range to be scanned. Advanced settings are also available for users who acquire the paid version.

While it is not possible to block intruders with the free version, the application does a fine job of detecting and identifying the devices that use your WiFi without your permission.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Easy to configure.
  • Provides details of all the connected devices.
  • Alerts immediately of any unauthorized connection.
  • Free and does not contain ads


  • Does not allow blocking devices.
  • GUI is not very attractive
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